Why Mediation?

Mediation can be a fast, affordable method of resolving disputes. The parties meet at a mutually convenient time and place. The parties present their respective sides of the story to the mediator, who helps the parties identify the real issues, and explores options with the parties to reach a solution agreeable to all. Mediation is informal and confidential. The mediator does not take sides, or assign blame. Instead, the mediator encourages the parties to work together to reach a voluntary agreement.

Why Arbitration?

Arbitration can be a faster, more affordable method of resolving disputes than litigation. Unlike litigation, which is open to the public, arbitration is confidential. The parties select the arbitrator(s), who can then bring their own specialized knowledge and experience to bear, which can be especially useful in determining construction or professional malpractice claims. More formal than mediation, the arbitration proceeding is subject to certain rules, such as PAMS Arbitration Rules. The arbitrator(s) resolve the issues in dispute through an award, which determination can be enforced by the courts.

Why use PAMS to resolve your dispute?

  • PAMS IS FAST.  PAMS can help resolve your dispute in weeks, not years. Court litigation is slow; and other ADR service providers have historically been slow to administer Guam disputes.


  • PAMS IS LOCAL.  Our neutrals are mostly based on Guam; and your ADR activity will be administered here.  We understand local law and the practicalities of living and working here.


  • PAMS IS REASONABLY PRICED.  Our neutrals have varying rates which are competitive with other services; and local administration results in substantial travel and communications savings.

The PAMS Mission

To provide locally-based, cost-efficient, effective dispute resolution services for Guam and its neighboring islands.